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EAA Airventure 2013 UCAP Tiedown Party

We take a minute to talk to some attendees at the Uncontrolled Airspace (UCAP) Tiedown Party to ask them their thoughts on what makes Oshkosh special.

The UCAP Tiedown party is an evening event where listeners of the Uncontrolled Airspace podcast gather to talk airplanes, drink beer, and enjoy the company of fellow pilots and friends.

We asked the attendees:
* Why they came to Oshkosh
* How many years they have been coming
* About their first trip to the show
* Favorite thing about Oshkosh
* What they were most looking forward to seeing/doing this year
* Favorite airport destination
* Favorite airplane they have never flown

Special thanks to the Uncontrolled Airspace Podcast: http://uncontrolledairspace.com

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  • Glen Towler

    The best party at Oshkosh I been twice and I love it

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