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Hangar Chats, 12-25-2012

Today on Other People’s Airplanes we bring you something completely different. And, we stay on the ground

The team here at Other People’s Airplanes has been busy working on some fresh new aviation content for you to enjoy. This is the first in our new series of what we are currently calling “hangar chats”. The will be short, upbeat episodes packed full of yummy aviation goodness.

Each show will contain some combination of news, videos, product and gear reviews, and lots, lots more. And you are probably going to see guests and other hosts popping in as well.

Although this is currently called Hangar Chats, we are not totally married to it, so please send us your thoughts and ideas. We hope you enjoy this new content!

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  • Good luck Dave!! I’m sure the new format will be great. Look forward to future episodes.

    • David

      Thanks Gump! We’ve got lots of great stuff coming.

  • Dear Fluffy — I mean Ducky — I absolutely LOVE what you’re doing here.


    • David

      Thanks so much, Rob. We are pretty excited about it.

  • Bill

    So this was, what, an advertisement of changes/additions to your show format, interspersed with an advertisement for an airplane I cannot afford to touch, let alone fly? Whatever happened to the shows with real content? For that matter, whatever happened to airplanes that cost $7,500 brand new from the factory. If I really wanted to show my age, I could ask about the planes that cost $450 brand new from the “factory”.

    All the best,
    Bill “Real Name” Smith

    • David

      That’s exactly right, Bill. We didn’t want to blindside the audience with the new format without giving an explanation. So we felt it was important share this episode with the audience. I hope you give the new stuff an chance and enjoy it just as much we we enjoy bringing it to you.

    • And I’ll bet you wouldn’t be any happier if Dave
      mentioned one of those really expensive. Bose headsets either.

      I think it’s a bit disingenuous to beat Dave up because
      he was clever enough to find a sponsor to help
      defray what must be enormous production costs.

      So Bill, were you a regular viewer when Dave did all the work for free? I’m just curious.

      Rob Mark, Jetwhine.com

  • Tracey

    Looking forward to the new series & webisodes!

    • David

      Glad you enjoyed the episode, Tracey! Lots more yummy goodness coming soon!

  • I like it. Coming from a non pilot that is good. I’m doing the same thing in another country and we might just join forces without being competition. Not spamming your blog with my links but you have my info. Lets talk!

    • David

      Your site looks great. Lets talk!

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