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AirVenture Oshkosh 2011 Day 2

It’s day two here at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2011, and today we bring you to the homebuilt aircraft area!

In the homebuilt aircraft area, we found Mark Holliday and his 60-year old Knight Twister. The Twister is a homebuilt biplane which was originally designed in 1928. It’s a single-seat, open-cockpit taildragger, and looks a bit like a miniature Pitts. It also looks like it would be a blast to fly.

Back in Conoco Phillips Plaza (formerly Aeroshell Square), Damon Favor of The Pursuit of Wings podcast talked with U.S. Air Force pilot Paul Borgatti. Even though he was an Air Force pilot, he flew several Navy airplanes, including the T-34C featured in the video. Paul is spending the week volunteering at KidVenture to bring the gift of aviation to the next generation.

Finally, we talked with Lynda Meeks of Girls With Wings, a non-profit organization encouraging more girls to have an interest in aviation, and to show them that as long as they are willing to work at it, they can reach their full potential.

I also talk briefly about my media ride in the DakotaCub Super 18. Stay tuned to the feed for that episode to post in the future.

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