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Other People’s Airplanes

SUN ‘n FUN 2012 – Day 3, Splash-In

Today, we head on over to the Splash-In to watch airplanes land on the beautiful waters of Lake Agnus. I’m David Allen, and I’m about to take you into the cockpit … of Other People’s Airplanes.

Each year, SUN ‘n FUN hosts a Splash-In at the annual fly-in and expo. this event always takes place on Thursday, and for the last four years, has been hosted by Fantasy Of Flight on the beautiful waters of Lake Agnus.

In this episode, I start by talking to Bob Hough, the owner and pilot of a 1943 Grumman G-44 Widgeon. This particular G-44 has been converted to a “Super Widgeon” by McKinnon Enterprises, giving it more powerful engines, a beefier hull, retractable pontoons, and a higher maximum gross weight.

Then I bring Mike Daniels on camera to talk about what we are seeing at the event.

Finally, I shut up for a bit and just let you watch airplanes fly.

While I mention at the end of the episode that I will be back for day 4, I actually took day 4 to spend with my family. Thus, the next episode will be for day 5 of the event.

Thanks for watching!

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