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Other People’s Airplanes

SUN ‘n FUN 2012 – Day 5

It’s Day 5 at SUN ‘n FUN 2012, and today we start with a balloon launch – sorta. I’m David Allen, and I’m about to bring you into the cockpit … of Other People’s Airplanes.

Each year at the SUN ‘n FUN Fly-In & Expo, a hot air balloon launch takes place on Saturday morning of the event – weather permitting, of course. Unfortunately, the weather today did not cooperate. In only the 3rd time in 15 years, officials elected to cancel the “Hare and Hound” balloon race, but not before a bunch of the beautiful airships were fully inflated.

Next we watch some airplanes fly for a bit before talking with my friend Steve Oliver of Oliver’s Flying Circus. Steve owns a 1928 New Standard D-25. It has been fully restored to its factory quality, and Steve’s team now “hops rides” much like the barnstormers did back in the 1920s and 30s. Steve shares a couple of stories about smiling faces and special times folks have had flying in this incredible open-air biplane.

This part of the show is pretty long-winded, but the stories were so great that I really wanted to share them with you.

Finally, we talk with Rich and Cole about their father/son experience in the New Standard D-25. Pure. Freaking. Magic.

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  • rmhoman

    going through your other episodes while waiting for the next oshkosh vid. I just found you on Monday. I noticed you are not getting comments on your vids so I felt that since you put in the hard work the least I can do is say something. I was in a balloon back in 1986 and it was amazing. I was in Arizona, got out to the launch at 5:30am, much cooler weather then. went up about 800-1000ft and flew across the Sonora desert. It was so peaceful, except for the occasional gas release. Saw jackrabbits, coyotes, birds and much more. They didn’t even acknowledge us as we floated by. If you haven’t had the chance I would recommend it. By the way the balloon was “American Made” probably has long been sold or retired but I remember it like yesterday.

    • David

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment! I have only been in a hot air balloon one time. I had been crewing for a guy during a local balloon festival. On the last flight of the last day, he tells me to hop in. He didn’t have to ask me twice!

      It was a very short flight, perhaps only 15 minutes, but it was certainly a memorable experience. I really hope to get some more time in a balloon soon.

      Thanks again for posting!

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