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Other People’s Airplanes

EAA Airventure 2014: Patty Wagstaff

We got a chance to talk with Aerobatic Champion Patty Wagstaff at EAA Airventure Oshkosh 2014. She talked about everything from her new school in St. Augustine to what’s next in her career.

Her new flight school is the Patty Wagstaff Aerobatic School in St. Augustine, FL. Her and her team of instructors do aerobatic lessons in a Super Decathlon and an Extra 300L, to ease pilots into not only flying aerobatics, but learning how to use the entire flight envelope to be a safer and better pilots.

She is also working on a new Finishing School course where pilots who need to do a flight review, haven’t flown in a while, or just want to brush up, can take the course and get some of those bad habits out of their flying. Skills like keeping the ball centered on climb out or not slipping in turns will be worked on and perfected through the course.

Patty said that she is always looking for the next cool airplane to fly so we asked her to name a few. Her list includes:
* Grumman Bearcat
* Grumman Tigercat
* North American F-86 Sabre

Find out more about Patty and her school on her website, http://pattywagstaff.com. The Instruction link on the side has information and pricing at her new school.


Other People’s Gear at Oshkosh 2014

We go over (almost) all the gear we brought with us to EAA Airventure Oshkosh 2014 that we will be using to shoot all the videos for this years show.

We show off our DSLR equipment, video cameras, audio gear, GoPros, slider, jib, and much much more.


EAA Airventure 2013 UCAP Tiedown Party

We take a minute to talk to some attendees at the Uncontrolled Airspace (UCAP) Tiedown Party to ask them their thoughts on what makes Oshkosh special.

The UCAP Tiedown party is an evening event where listeners of the Uncontrolled Airspace podcast gather to talk airplanes, drink beer, and enjoy the company of fellow pilots and friends.

We asked the attendees:
* Why they came to Oshkosh
* How many years they have been coming
* About their first trip to the show
* Favorite thing about Oshkosh
* What they were most looking forward to seeing/doing this year
* Favorite airport destination
* Favorite airplane they have never flown

Special thanks to the Uncontrolled Airspace Podcast: http://uncontrolledairspace.com

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EAA AirVenture 2013: Whelen

In this episode, David takes a look at two of Whelen’s newest aviation lighting products, the Parmetheus and the Orion. These lights are designed to be a direct replacement for existing bulbs which means that an STC is not required. The LED technology reduces electrical load while simultaneously increasing service life and light output.




SUN’N’FUN 2014: Social Flight v4.0

Jeff Simon joins to talk about the brand new update to Social Flight which brings the new Points of Interest feature.


An era permeated by surgical masks, latex gloves, hand sanitizer, and ethyl alcohol has clouted us off our feet, and our equilibrium has yet to return. Travel is undoubtedly one of the hardest-hit industries due to the coronavirus, and airlines try their best to acclimate to the continual updates and insights from health and medical professionals.

Among the most controversial (and seemingly impossible) suggestions to remain safe is the practice of social distancing on airplanes. Can it even be done?? We talked to a handful of experts on the subject. And as you may expect, medical professionals state that social distancing on a plane is impossible — unless you’ve got a bit of luck on your side. What they don’t always agree upon is the level of danger to which you subject yourself and others by flying.

Regardless, there’s plenty you can do to minimize your chances of contracting or spreading the coronavirus. And for those cases when you social distancing can’t be properly carried out, there are certainly other steps you can take that make it safe to fly during the coronavirus outbreak.

I recently traveled on a nearly sold-out American Airlines flight. A bit of a weird experience after months of sharing the fuselage with nothing but tumbleweeds. Social distancing was not an option on this flight. Should I have been worried?

Leann Poston, a medical doctor from Invigor Medical, had this to say:

From a medical perspective, I feel like flying is an average-risk activity. Of course, each person needs to weigh the risks and benefits for themselves and they might find the benefits far outweigh the risks. On the other hand, people with medical conditions that put themselves at higher risk from complications of COVID may find the risks far outweigh the benefits.
Since it is impossible to maintain any kind of distance from other people in a plane, social distancing is impossible.

There absolutely are situations that warrant air travel. But if you purchase your ticket, be prepared to compromise your social distancing protocols. Unless you’re on a nearly empty flight, the chances of maintaining a distance of six feet is not going to happen. If you are to happen upon a flight with few passengers, General Practitioner Giuseppe Aragona of Prescription Doctor says there’s little to worry about:

Social distancing can be possible on a plane if there are less passengers. If people have three seats to themselves, and are separated from others, it is possible to get on a plan and be safe. Using the restroom and things like this would not be safe however, so shorter journeys are best made currently, so that you do not need to move from your seat at all…
Points well taken. It’s easy to see why heading to the restroom would be a high-risk activity.

Dr. Nikola Djordjevic is a medical advisor at HealthCareers. He informed me that whether you should feel safe on the plane is a tricky question:

…[T]here are plenty of factors to consider. Overall, I should say the risk goes anywhere from being mild to high, and I would advise avoiding air traveling when it’s possible.
Some airlines are blocking the middle seat, which makes it safer to travel. However, some avoid doing it, and people are practically sitting beside each other, without respecting the social distancing. That’s why my first tip for anyone flying would be to do proper research and fly only with those airlines blocking the middle seat.

A number of U.S. airlines are in fact blocking middle seats. Some are even blocking select aisle seats on their smaller flights (usually regional jets with seats in a 2-2 or 2-1 configuration). But regardless of these measures, you’ll still have passers-by heading to the lavatory, flight attendants cross-checking, and an assortment of other bodies encroaching on your social distancing bubble, 12 feet in diameter, remember.

Dr. Djordjevic gives helpful suggestions to maximize your distance between other passengers. Addressing the fact that airlines have boosted cabin cleaning practices, and claim that breathing in a plane is be completely safe with their special filtering of air with HEPA filters, he explains that you can do your part to protect yourself from catching COVID-19 while flying — namely, selecting your seat:

Window seats have fewer germs than those close to the aisles, and are one way to decrease the risks of becoming ill while traveling. Further, avoiding seats that are close to the toilet can reduce the chances of getting sick, because they don’t have as many people passing by and spreading the germs.


EAA AirVenture 2013: Vedalo HD

In this episode David talks with Dan Jacobs, founder and president of Vedalo HD sunglasses. Dan describes some of the unique features and technology that go into their unique glasses and why 85% of air show performers at OSH13 were wearing their glasses.


Filmed on-location at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2013: http://www.airventure.org


EAA AirVenture 2013: DAV


In this episode of Other People’s Airplanes, we talk with Larry Polzin, National Commander, Disabled American Veterans (DAV). Larry talks about the DAV’s role as a veteran service organization and the work they do to improve the lives of America’s disabled veterans. Visit the DAV’s website to get involved with helping veterans or for more information on the services they provide.

Filmed on-location at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2013: http://ift.tt/O4xqtj


SUN ‘n FUN 2014: Blue Angels

In this episode of Other People’s Airplanes, the US Navy Blue Angels perform at SUN ‘n FUN 2014.


SUN ‘n FUN 2014: F-22 Raptor

Turning jet fuel into noise, we bring you the F-22 Raptor demo at SUN ‘n FUN 2014.


SUN ‘n FUN 2014: Twin Bee Interview

We interview Ricci Rowe who owns the last Twin SeaBee ever built and one of only 23. He gives us a peak at what the Twin SeaBee is and what it is like to fly.